Academic Databases

Top 10 Reasons for Using Academic Databases

Academic Databases and TEKS Correlation

Academic databases align to the state standards. Review these documents with excerpts from the TEKS.

While Science, Mathematics or elective content TEKS are not listed here, academic databases provide realiable information for all content areas.

Social Studies TEKS and Academic Databases

Technology Applications TEKS and Academic Databases

English Language Arts and Reading TEKS and Academic Databases

Database Use

Visit Chalkdust to track your campus/es database use.



Instructional Materials Allotment

Funds from the Instructional Materials Allotment can be used to pay for instructional materials like academic databases. This document provides an example of how you might complete the E-MAT request.

Sample E-MAT Format

EBSCO and Encyclopedia Britannica

Go here to complete form for continued access to the K-12 Databases at reduced rates:



Digital Knowledge Central (DKC)

Education Service Center, Region 20 and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) have recently formed a partnership. Together they will collaborate to extend online database services in a manner consistent with the intent of Senate Bill 483 to meet the need of the K-12 library community.

Contact Susanna Garza, Region 20  or Martha Rossi, Region 20

K-12 TexShare/DKC Help Desk  or